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Own a share of an all-electric

Pipistrel Alpha Electro


Purchase (1/35) share for only $5,274 + tax

plus $249 monthly dues

includes 52 flight hours per year 

(a minimum of 4 hours per month is guaranteed, but you can fly more hours in a single month if aircraft is available)

Ownership is re-sellable or transferrable


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Zero Emissions Aviation

Recharges in about 1 hour

Scheduled in 3 hour time slots to allow for

full recharging between flights

Frequently asked questions

Is this a fractional ownership program?

No. Airpool is a LLC partnership with a maximum 35 members per location. Each member is free to resell their ownership to another legal resident of the US.

Do owners have to be licensed pilots?

No. However, owners must be properly licensed by the FAA in order to fly the aircraft, or they may choose to hire Airpool-approved CFIs. Owners compensate CFIs directly (not done through Airpool).

How much does each share (1/35) cost?

$4,426 + tax to purchase 1/35 share, with $250 mandatory monthly dues. This gives each owner 52 hours of flying time each year, or approximately 4 hours per month. Each hour is scheduled in a 3-hour time slot (one hour before and one afterwards) to allow ample time for recharging the aircraft.

How do you keep things fair and equitable with so many owners?

Each owner is guaranteed one weekend time slot per month. Owners are free to schedule time as desired one month in advance. On the first day of the month, owners with the fewest weekend hours flown (below the median) may reserve time on the subsequent month. On the second day of the month and thereafter, all owners may schedule time on the following month.

Can ownership be sold or transferred?

Ownership may be sold to another party as long as they are a legal resident of the United States. Ownership includes the obligation to pay the $249/month monthly fee. Any fees in arrears must be brought current before the transaction can be fully executed.

Can I learn to fly with Airpool?

An owner could learn to fly with Airpool, but it may not be the most practical way to do so. Airpool does allow you to build time at a very low cost.

What if I want to fly more than 4 hours in a single month?

On the second day of the month the schedule is open for all owners to reserve as many time slots as they would like for the next month up to their maximum 52 hours per year. Each month, those owners who have reserved fewer than the median number of time slots for the year have priority for the month following, where they can reserve time slots on the first day of the month, wheras all other owners must wait for the second day of the month to make their reservations.


  • Free mobile recharging service if you are unable to make it back to KMCC

  • Aircraft is fully charged and available for flying during your 3 hour time slot

  • All flight and maintenance logs maintained

  • All maintenance services

  • Hangar/tie-down rental

  • Electric power

  • Administrative and accounting services

Monthly Dues Include the Following Services


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McClellan Park, CA 95652

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